Successful Services

LifeDetox-Life-Problems & Soul Cleanse Solutions

Mind-health, body-wellness, state of our spirit and community-connections have a great impact on our reputation, self esteem and overall health. However leveraging synchronised synergies of all these seem to be a tall order for most of us and that’s why most people suffer and loose out on emerging opportunities. Enhancing innate psychological resiliency is key to winning more with less efforts with better self-esteem, people-compassion, social networking. Improving self-awareness with superior spiritual wisdom is how Dr Aruna Broota an acclaimed psycho-spiritual expert and life-coach leverages for over 40years demystifies success-secrets to simplify life-essentials and help people overcome challenges with practised ease. She shares proven paths and simplified mind re-engineering to achieve spiritual peace through sensible activities and everyday relationships discipline to sustain success, happiness and prosperity lifelong. De-mystify, develop, detox and deliver are her popular rules-of-success for both corporate thought leaders and everyday individuals.

LifePlus-LifePath Success Mantras

We humans are the most intelligent and blessed earthlings in the universe and still we suffer from fears, self-doubts, low productivity and low income . However if we can synchronise our innate mind-body-soul connections and harmonise our innate powers we can live and contribute better. Dr Aruna Broota an acclaimed psycho-spiritual expert and life-coach leverages global success-expertise and accumulated 40+years wisdom to immunise people from unmanageable anxieties (depression), improve relationships and unlock innate spirituality to accelerate success and perpetuate prosperity. She shares everyday life-success and mind-detox rules that are easy to assimilate and implement: inescapable common sense for everyone’s uncommon success – lifelong

LifeDivinity-Lifelong Spirituality & Morbidity-Immunity

Disciplined spirituality with individual-cantered psychotherapy and continuous mind-body-soul healing is how we connect to innate powers and divine compassion that’s forever available to all of us. In the headlong rush to gaining more fame we often get trapped in mindless selfishness and everyday ignorance to diminish our own success-chances and complicating our lives unimaginably. Unravelling greater spiritual awareness for minimizing everyday errors and connecting to universe’s boundless spiritual energy is Dr Auna Broota’s proven expertise that she has perfected over 40 years. Strengthening self-spirituality and understanding inescapable divine laws of emancipated living, sharing and giving is how she makes life more enjoyable, joyous and successful. From well attended group sessions to custom made individual interventions Dr Broota’s success is unpatrolled.

Awesome Employees-Breakthrough Employee Engagement successes

Superior people-resources management is key to better bottomline and sustaining competitive edge long term. Maintaining superior people practices across the entire employee engagement continuum i.e. from hiring to employment, mentoring, leading to retiring begin with self-transformation of both leaders and middle managers. Applying scientific rigour and proven psycho-analytical best practices to enhance business outcomes with superior HR decision making and people-productivity continually is how Dr. Aruna Broota helps corporate and its leadership teams. With over 40 years of employee behaviour understanding, accumulated employee motivation and specialist understanding of business success strategies Dr Broota creates easy to implement success rodamaps and everyday happiness innovations for all.

HappyForever-Pain & Life-Losses Minimization and Joy Maximization Long term

Passion with patience, perseverance with practiced positivity is how we mortals can easily attain and sustain success quickly and consistently. Nothing is permanent, however insurmountable it may seem as even small breakthroughs can easily lead to windfall success if leveraged intelligently and patiently. All we need is compassion, courage, continued intelligence and unshakable faith in universe’s powers to continually help us. However it often takes expert intervention to realise everyday success-patterns that often evade us as our common sense often gets clouded by self doubts. Dr Aruna Broota an acclaimed psycho-spiritual expert and life-coach leverages 40+ years of proven success-expertise to demystify success-patterns and happiness essentials for all mortals. Recognising innate strengths and correcting karmic mistakes to live better, succeed faster and stay happy forever is how Dr Broota’s common sense appealing interventions help professionals, people, families, schools, teachers and administrators.

Mind RevUp-Common sense mind muscle utilization for uncommon results

Are you eager to get unlock your immense talents and overcome uncharacteristic fears to detox, and actualize the true-potential of life’s many journeys? Whether it is a psychological, pathological, or even a physical health issue, a connection with your own mind cantered and soul governed inner healer is key. Over the past four decades Dr Aruna Broota has had numerous successes with both individuals and corporate groups through her breakthrough work in Mind-Body-Soul Healing sessions. She helps participants with amazing practiced ease in realising the true benefits of the most valuable investments of our lives: of synchronising mind powers with untapped physical capabilities and available spiritual fortunes. Leveraging traditional wisdom with centuries acclaimed self-healing tools from oriental mythology harmonised with pragmatic Western culture global necessities is how she reduces or even eliminates harmful medications to empower people to take control of their inner healing, happiness and success lifelong.