Unique XII class students’ anxiety immunization drive launched!

School children, especially those facing board exams of XII class often face immense stress as they are on the brink of life altering decisions. Success or failure could be decided in a matter of seconds and this social pressure can create havoc in families and schools alike. Recognising that stress and depression are often the cause of time mismanagement and irrational life decisions, Dr Aruna Broota has devised common practices and intelligent innovations to help everyone in the students support ecosystem: parents, children, school teachers, counsellors and administrators. Understanding the power of time-bounty and using it intelligently with a pragmatic approach to improve timeliness and health management is key to achieving one’s aspirations. Dr Broota helps people achieve more with practiced ease with her time tested advice that helps people immunise themselves from future stress and uncontrollable anxiety that escalates with passage of time.

Practical advice, Unlimited benefits

Staying proactively intelligent and using common sense appealing tactics of better self management that transcend relationships, mind-body-soul harmony and everyday success tips are some of the key initiatives that Dr Broota shares in her well attended parent-child-educationist welfare workshops. Realising that successful and talented children are key to society’s continued success, Dr Broota helps parents, family elders and educators appreciate their key roles in understanding children’s anxieties and preparing the ground for building their future success easily and repeatedly. Children on the other hand are made to realise life truths of better self management and inescapable academic-success essentials that they need to diligently follow for their continued success and lifelong welfare.