Proven Methodologies

Mind re-engineering & Soul Transformation Simplified

Dedicated to helping people achieve more and staying happy and healthy longer Dr. Aruna Broota, an acclaimed psycho-spiritual expert and life-coach has developed and refined her proven methodology for 40+ years. As one of the leading exponents of the global psycho-spiritual movement that is helps people take control of their individual wellness through mind re-engineering and spiritual faith Dr Broota has devised her own specialist methodology that continues to help hundreds of people around the world. Her proven Mind-Body Alignment to Soul Synchronicity consists of six key elements:

  • understanding how everything in our environment co-creates wellness patterns by interacting  with our genetic structure, bodies and mental makeup to deliver disease or better health or especially our mind status, diet discipline and physical appearance. Spiritual patterns, universe’s gifts of air/water/microorganisms and our own will power results viz. exercise, psychosocial impact, environmental pressures, trauma continually  affect our health.
  • know the interplay of hormones and mind-chemistry that influence nearly every aspect of our wellness and happiness. How their delicate balance can easily trip and how to get them back in track to build peak performance and sustain success and happiness.
  • uncovering our innate relationship and soul toxins and understanding how these smouldering disasters-in-making can destabilise us without notice unless we master them and keep them under control at all times.
  • how toxic relationship approaches  and issues with our own detoxification or waste management can lead to chronic psycho-pathological problems. How to organise and continuously optimize this mind-body-soul detox system.
  • appreciating importance of soul energy–how to intelligently leverage it to cure ourselves, to enhance skills and live better by create more success-opportunities.
  • understanding how mind’s multiple interactions and influence on own body and elements in the universe, including fellow humans.

Dr Broota’s success-expertise helps common souls and leaders alike to fully understand that life success and happiness are not simply miracles as most of us view them. Instead they are the results of our interconnected interactions, self beliefs and body constitution: all of which can be re-engineered to help us achieve more with better health and sustainable peace and prosperity. This trend setting methodology is compassionately guiding people to actualise infinite talents with better relationships and superior karmic wealth.