Dr. Aruna Broota - Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Alchemist

Trained psychologist, acclaimed mental health expert, revered people-transformation expert and a highly sought after employee engagement expert with world’s leading corporate conglomerates, schools, colleges as her clients Dr Aruna Broota has over 4 decades of wow work equity. Her numerous scientific research breakthroughs, ongoing popular publications, well attended group motivation/training sessions, regular public counselling over radio, TV and print media and successful individual counselling practice makes her a uniquely experienced ‘Mind-Muscle, Personal Power’ expert whose vast success-experience continues to get better as she strives to help people become happy and better in simple, common sense ways. Driven by her life mission of unlocking the many secrets of mind-transformation and demystifying everyday success-paths for common people she consistently achieves stellar success across her varied interventions and consultations viz.

  • Better self-management: personality enhancement, charisma/aura development, work-life balance, stress relief, innovation/creativity enhancement, better parenting, superior detox/de-addiction, joyous relationships sustenance and better health-wealth abundance
  • Better life stage role-responsibilities understanding and duties’ discharge: parent, teacher, professional champion, leader, community member, employee, adult, child
  • Compassionate handling of child/adult disorders: mental, physical. occupational and social/societal
  • Life-disaster management and superior crisis handling simplified
  • Harnessing divine powers and universe’s well wishes that are available in plenty for all
  • Discovering, unlocking breakthrough mind-powers to stay strong, healthy, successful and happy
  • Synchroncity of thoughts, action, karma, benefits, retribution, revelations and people-to-events connections
  • Interplay of will power, sensibility, spirituality, sexuality and achievability
  • Ancient wisdom made better with modern breakthroughs in yoga, mental ailments treatments e.g. epilepsy, schizophrenia, phobias, psychological abuse, drugs de-addiction, relationships toxicity

People-passion, Scientific approach, Spiritual wisdom & Global Best-in-class practices

Dr. Aruna Broota, globally acclaimed psychologist and revered mind-body-soul transformation expert with over 4 decades of inspirational life-makeover practice shares all this and more in her ‘Mind-Muscle, Me-Awesome’ sessions: for corporate, communities and interested groups. Available for groups’ motivational talks/training sessions and/or individual consultation Dr Aruna Broota is a popular mental health guide/psychologist, columnist, book/research paper author, radio/TV talk-expert and a leading employee wellness consultant, corporate mind muscle therapies advisor-specialist and a passionate teacher-trainer. Immersed in latest scientific breakthroughs, soaked in global best practices and anchored in centuries old cultural wisdom collated from all over the world Dr Aruna Broota’s success-expertise is a rare fusion of intellect, passion and compassion.

Breakthrough Life IPR - Original Work-Achievements

  • Created and published Broota Relaxation Techniques in national research journals.
  • Created and conducted programs on Immunization against Depression for adolescents.
  • Resource Person to Assessment Centres at many Multi national Organizations.
  • Consultant for recruitment to Indian Oil, HPCL, Indian Airlines, Alliance Air etc.

Community Compassion and Outreach:

  • Understanding Drug Abuse and Behaviour Concomitants: Conducted workshops and awareness programmes for adolescents at Pushta Vihar, in collaboration with Navjyoti Deaddiction Center
  • Understanding Behavioural Problems of primary school children of MCD schools: Conducted Training and Awareness programmes for Municipal Corporation Primary School Teachers .
  • Dealing with Women’s Health Issues – Awareness programmes at the Community Centre of Burari Village, in collaboration with Delhi School of Social Work

Global Consulting, Training & Mentoring:

  • Consultant to Cairn Energy as employee welfare psychologist
  • Consultant to the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
  • Consultant to the International Training program on leadership development for administration under the aegies of ITEC-SCAAP scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India
  • Advisor, WHO supported Comprehensive School Mental Health Program “Expressions” based at Child and Adolescent Centre, VIMHANS.
  • Consultant to National Judicial Academy.
  • Consultant to BHEL, Life Insurance Staff Training College, Alliance Airlines, Indian Airlines, Indian Oil, NTPC, ONGC
  • Delhi Management Association, All India Management Association and Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon.
  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE),
  • Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences, Rohini, Delhi
  • Consultant to Tihar Jail and Remand Homes
  • Consultant to the Family-Counseling Center, All India Women’s Conference

Professional Prowess

Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) University of Delhi (1983) (Topic of Research-Perceptual Processes in Schizophrenics)
M.A. (Psychology) University of Delhi (1965)
B.A (Hons) Psychology University of Delhi (1963)